Energy Efficient Homes
The ideal energy efficient building retains the best environment for living while minimizing the consumption and waste of energy. © Crook 2006
The biggest source of clean cheap energy is energy not used. R. Muller, Foreign Policy, Nov 2008
If you don’t understand energy efficient technology it’s probably because it’s based on principles of thermodynamics, physics, and rocket science. © Crook 2010
When you install an alternative energy system without first reducing your building’s demand for energy you ‘re still wasting energy and foregoing comfort--You've put the cart before the horse. © Crook 2011
An energy efficient building is always "Green" but a green buildings isn't always energy efficient. © Crook 2009
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", Sir Isaac Newton's "Action-Reaction Law", 1687
The transfer of heat between objects can never be stopped: it can only be slowed down. © Crook 2008
It's always easier to get into something than it is to get out.
Clean coal refers to coal with less particulants/pollutants. Clean coal when burned, unless SEQUESTRATED spews CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere causing pollution. What does "clean coal" and "pork the other white meat have in common? Both are half-truths and both have the propensity to make you sick.

Energy efficient homes and energy efficiency building

Posted 08/20/2011 by Siti Crook

Finally! After many years of brainstorming how best to convey our business convictions and philosophy to others we came up with the following analogy. A person sees a central air conditioner on sale that they think will save them money and cool their whole house, the person insists that this is what they need and want. Their attitude is similar to that of the person that goes to a doctor and insists on medication that others have used, or they have seen advertised on TV, and the patient is convinced that they need this medication and that will be the end of their ailment. Some physicians will just give them the medicine, and they are […]

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What is going green

Posted 06/14/2011 by Susan Walker

Kathy Orr, is my favorite meteorologist. She really knows her stuff and I enjoy hearing her Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall predictions as each season is starting to change. This year she predicted a very warm Spring and a hot Summer, with lots of 90 degree temperatures, even in the Springtime. Her predictions are based on scientific evidence and analysis, not superstition. This is important to me, as in my studies and in my life, I appreciate good research that leads to wise decisions, but more about that later. I have a volunteer job at a farm that is a no-kill animal rescue facility. I am outside three or more days a […]

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If I go green do I use cloth, plastic or paper bags?

Posted 05/22/2011 by Dennis Crook

How did a movement start to ban the use of recyclable plastic bags, replacing them with cloth or paper instead? Is it because people are too lazy to bring plastic bags to a recycling center? Is the cost of recycling a plastic bag higher than making a new bag out of recycled plastic? The winner between the powers of political correctness verses the powers of lobbyists with a bias often times determines why one thing is deemed better than it is. If we all became vegetarian over night what would we do with all the cows? If everyone was eating cows meat what would happen to the competitive price of  prime beef cuts? […]

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If you think understanding energy efficiency is difficult try writing about it!

Posted 05/08/2011 by Siti Crook

It was 1985 when Dennis declared his plans to build a condominium that featured energy efficiency technology.  The country was in the midst of its first major oil crisis and gasoline prices were high. There were long lines at the gas pumps and frequent shortages.  Dennis could see the “writing on the wall” and thought energy efficient homes would be a solution.  At the time I understood his reasoning and how it could help to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  Being dependent on oil that we needed to bring into our country from foreign sources, seemed like a risky arrangement.   It doesn’t take much to disturb supply—a natural disaster or a […]

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