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Housing bubble- A cautionary tale

Posted 06/13/2011 by Susan Walker

As of 2007, 85% – 95% of all the buildings in the United States were responsible for wasting between 30 – 50% of the energy they consumed. It appears that building material corporations, builders, contractors and developers were turning a deaf ear to this fact. They were consciously or unconsciously contributing to the building boom that contributed to the housing crash of the real estate market.

Residential Mortgages

Mortgages that were outrageous are now difficult to pay, as the real value of many homes is substantially less and does not match the purchase price. In the case of newly built homes, some of the materials, methods, and workmanship used to build them is unsuitable for energy efficiency technology, and the utility bills are rapidly competing with the mortgage payments on the house.

Presto, because the market and profits have focused on new “energy efficient, green building technologies” that will save energy and the buyer money, it now is seen as very lucrative business with millions of dollars being spent on advertising annually. A home properly constructed using energy efficient technology can lower utility payments by 30 – 50%.

This is terrific news, right. Well, opportunity sometimes brings shady or inexperienced contenders to the fore. And, although the companies may have the best intentions, their work is often found as more opportunistic than helpful.

Saying it’s an Energy Efficient House doesn’t make it so

Energy efficient technology for building is based on scientific principles such as physics, thermodynamics and rocket science and therefore has to be exacting and done with knowledge and expertise. In our experience it is not a job for those who are just practicing, unless, of course the customer is under the assumption that the work will need to be redone or modified. Sad, but true and the old adage, “buyer beware”, is endemic in a large number of so called “green” building cases.

An energy efficient home or building is always green but a green building is not always energy efficient.

Educate yourself, read our blog, and call to discuss how we can assist you. It’s free and easy and there is no pressure. We are here to help, not to hype. Not doing the aforementioned may cost you a great deal.

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3 Responses to “Housing bubble- A cautionary tale”

  1. Gene Salviejo Says:

    While I agree with the basics in Energy Efficient Homes Team » Blog Archive » Housing bubble- A cautionary tale , I think the buoyant sentiment around today is a result of a politically engineered set of circumstances. The demand for consumer loans is still weak and there is no significant improvement in the housing market. The developed nations are surviving on their politicians ability to just borrow and spend into their economies which is unsustainable. Regards, Gene Salviejo.

  2. Deliverance Says:

    I found just what I was neeedd, and it was entertaining!

  3. Sue Blair Says:

    intresting, have a great day!

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