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○ The ideal energy efficient building retains the best environment for living while minimizing the consumption and waste of energy. © Crook 2006. ○ The biggest source of clean cheap energy is energy not used. R. Muller, Foreign Policy, Nov 2008. ○ If you don’t understand energy efficient technology it’s probably because it’s based on principles of thermodynamics, physics, and rocket science. © Crook 2010. ○ When you install an alternative energy system without first reducing your building’s demand for energy you ‘re still wasting energy and foregoing comfort--You've put the cart before the horse. © Crook 2011. ○ An energy efficient building is always "Green" but a green buildings isn't always energy efficient. © Crook 2009. ○ "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", Sir Isaac Newton's "Action-Reaction Law", 1687. ○ The transfer of heat between objects can never be stopped: it can only be slowed down. © Crook 2008. ○ It's always easier to get into something than it is to get out. Clean coal refers to coal with less particulants/pollutants. ○ Clean coal when burned, unless SEQUESTRATED spews CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere causing pollution. What does "clean coal" and "pork the other white meat have in common? Both are half-truths and both have the propensity to make you sick.


What does energy efficiency and nature have in common? Balance.

Posted 05/10/2011 by Siti Crook

For example jewel weed is a natural antidote for poison ivy, and it is usually found growing nearby poison ivy.

The summer solstice, recognized for being the day with the longest amount of sunlight hours eventually yields to the winter solstice, recognized for being the day with the shortest amount of sunlight hours. The summer season is a time of rebirth and growth while the winter season is a time for hibernation and rejuvenation.

There are endless examples of nature’s balance and my focus in this article is about feeling comfort from the balance inside an energy efficient building.  When you stand inside an energy efficient building you can’t help but notice that the temperature is consistent from room to room, and there are no drafts or cold floors.

Until the launch of our revised website on Monday, May 2, 2011 one of our biggest challenges was to create an experience of comfort for people that could not physically visit one of our EcoBuilt Efficient Buildings. 

Standing inside an EcoBuilt Efficient Building, one experiences a profound sense of stillness and quiet, similar to this website.  As you tour through the pages you probably aren’t distracted by the falling leaves or snow on the outside of the building.  

Chances are you’re aware of the seasonal changes occurring  but probably not enough for you to lose your focus, if what you want to do is read.  You are free to go about your business unhindered by the elements outside.

Whether a structure is used as a home or as a factory, the same principles of energy efficiency apply. The construction methods and procedures may vary but the principles of heat transfer and air flow do not.  How quickly heat conducts through a building material doesn’t change unless purposefully redesigned or adjusted.

Would you like a balanced and consistent living or work environment?  If you would, you need energy reduction solutions if:

1. Your building’s operating budget for energy keeps increasing faster than your income.

2. You’re feed up with paying large sums of money while stilling feeling uncomfortable.

It’s easy for me to point out the obvious, and I’m fairly certain I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.  I suspect what is possibly holding you back from taking action, is a lack of certainty that real affordable solutions exit, and if you can find a company you can trust.

We’re number one in the energy efficient building industry,  not because we say so but because of what we do.  

When we build new homes they are Energy Star Certified (as high as Five Star Plus), and a large portion of the population can afford to purchase and live in them, while still earning a respectable profit for our business. 

We  produce buildings and improve existing ones so that they retain the best environment for living while minimizing the consumption and waste of energy. 

Don’t be a guinea pig for someone in training wheels, or make ala carte purchasing decisions.  Know the sources of your building’s heat loss and heat gain first.  Then develope a plan of action for implementing improvements.

Experience living life in a real energy efficient environment in addition to viewing a virtual one.  Call us at 610-384-7866 for residential and commercial energy reduction solutions.


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